'Bill Scott: Bringing Change to Life'

Bill Scott teaches a master class on getting stubborn, backwards-cultured companies to adopt faster, more iterative ways to learn and deliver the right value to their users, both at Netflix and at PayPal. Here are some notes I took on Bill Scott's presentation video: "Bringing Change to Life". »
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Virtual Stand-up Meetings

There should be as little process as is helpful in your work life. We already don't feel we have enough time to get projects done on time, and never enough to work on improving our technical skills. »
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When to Use Cookies and LocalStorage

There are good practices and bad ones when it comes to persisting data across parts of a web stack, whether you want to use cookies, localStorage, sessionStorage, or whatever else. I go through some of the use cases, and their best practices. »
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Run Baseline Performance Tests

Welcome to part 2 of my blog performance series. I'm Jakob Anderson, and I'm going to show you how to run some baseline performance tests on your blog. This is where we find out how your initial performance is, so we can tell where you currently stand, and whether performance has improved after we've changed things. »
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Install Free Ghost Blog on Heroku

[video] Ghost is a blog engine built on NodeJS, that is super simple, fast, and reliable. If you want a blog built with performance on the mind that is super-easy to set up and fairly optimized out of the box, Ghost is a pretty good option right now. You can also host your own deploy for free on Heroku's free platform using a pushbutton deploy like what I'm about to show you. »
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Speed, Performance, and Human Perception

“Performance” means many different things to different people full-stack perf is complicated is there such a thing as “fast enough”? context matters: — 10fps matters in games, 10fps matters much less in e-commerce Devs often forget about the wetware running their ui’s (human brain). Notes from Ilya's talk at Fluent 2014 »
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Web Performance Culture

If you want to improve web performance at your company, creating a "Performance Culture" is the best way to maintain it. This video explains how to do this in the best way I've seen yet. Check it out! »
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Why Should We Work on Web Performance?

It affects conversions. It makes it possible to get your product into low-bandwidth and mobile-only areas. Users get more work done before running out of patience or time. There's lots of evidence and studies for all of this. »
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